Minnesota Vikings


OBJECTIVE: To add a tangible, positive experience connecting the Minnesota Vikings organization with its fan base through the use of Vikings-owned interactive entertainment pieces at various events.

STRATEGY: To provide ancillary execution of interactive entertainment pieces at Minnesota Vikings events, and to provide on-site and off-site logistical support for all Viking office personnel.


  1. Grid Iron Zone Interactive Arena

  2. Miller Lite Dunk Tank

  3. Miller Lite Inflatable Bottle

  4. Lifetime Fitness Mjolnir Toss

  5. Inflatable Field Goal Kick

  6. Inflatable Helmet Bounce

  7. Inflatable Red Zone

  8. Inflatable Viktor Quarterback Toss

RESULTS: Thirty ancillary activations were successfully executed during the 2010 football season. Thousands of football fans in dozens of regional locations experienced the Vikings Brand and the teams’ outreach towards their fan base.

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