Caribou Coffee

OBJECTIVE: To create a relevant experience for Caribou Coffee, and to leverage opportunity at the Mall of America during Black Friday weekend, the busiest shopping weekend of the year.

STRATEGY: To connect the Brand with consumers by distributing Holiday Chocolate Drink punch cards, to maximize the number of cards handed to relevant consumers, and to educate them on Caribou’s Brand, products and locations.


  1. Tracking punch cards handouts for precise count

  2. Provide direct consumer feedback

  3. Distribute evenly over three activation areas for maximum Brand awareness

  4. Provide all ‘Brand Ambassadors’ reference materials of Caribou locations, punch card count tracker, clipboard of reference materials

  5. Steward staff to ensure best Brand Ambassador representation

RESULTS: Over twice the industry average rate of consumers accepted a Holiday Punch Card, with Brand Ambassadors handing out an average of one card every four seconds during the entire Black Friday three day weekend.

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